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  • Residential loans
    A residential loan is a one that is taken out on properties. Moreover, the acquired home is used as the collateral. A home loan involves only two parties, the bank and individual buyers.


  • Mortgage refinancing
    Mortgage refinancing is the process of replacing the original mortgage with a new one. This process gives the borrowers access to a better mortgage in terms of interest rate and term. Mortgage refinancing allows the creation of a second mortgage after repaying the first one instead of making a new one. For those with good credit history, this process enables them to convert a variable loan to a fixed one. They also get access to low interest rates. However, refinancing is risky to those with bad credit or heavily indebted.


  • Property investment loans
    Property investment loans are loans given to buy investment property. The borrowers purchase these properties with the intention of making profits by renting or selling them or both.


  • First home buyer mortgages
    First home buyer mortgages are special loans designed for those buying new homes for the first time. We can help you determine if your current financial status can enable you to buy your first home. Moreover, we can make it easy for you to compare different first home-buyer mortgages to make the best decision.


  • Commercial mortgages
    Commercial mortgages are between banks and companies. Such property is for business uses. Consequently, it is essential to ensure the borrowers sign as business representatives. Given the high risk of commercial loans, it is advisable to repay the mortgage first in case of financial difficulties.

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